Art Attack Project

Local artists taking it to the streets!

Art Attack is a grassroots event that gets folks out of the studio and into the streets. By collectively making art in public, you get to meet fellow artists, share your creative process, and celebrate your local arts community. It's free to participate and all artists are welcome. Whether you're painting, drawing, sculpting, or whatever—if you can do your thing outside, we want you there!

Sat. September 21, 2024

Ponshop Studio & Gallery • 10 AM–4 PM
712 Caroline St, Fredericksburg VA


Participation Guidelines

There is no fee to participate in Art Attack, but we do ask that you follow these common sense guidelines.

Check in first
When you arrive, check in with the organizers before you start making art. You'll get your own Art Attack badge plus other pertinent info for the day. Checking in also helps the organizers measure participation.

Be courteous
Visual Artists may choose their own work stations, but be sure not to impede pedestrian traffic, impose on parking spaces, or disrupt nearby businesses. Musicians will have assigned spaces to perform. Either way, if you're in front of a business, introduce yourself before you start so they know you will be outside for the day. If your artmaking causes a loud or potentially dangerous work site, please coordinate with the event organizers in advance.

Come prepared
Participants are responsible for all materials and tools they will need to work (art supplies, easels, chairs, instruments, etc.) Be sure to bring water, a snack, and protection from the elements. If you artmaking requires on-site electricity, please coordinate with the event organizers in advance.

Leave no trace
If you think you might make a mess while working, set down a drop cloth first. When you're done, clean up any trash and leave the place looking better than when you found it.

Look sharp
Participants should remember that they are representing the arts community through their interactions with the public during the event, so be friendly and kind to the people you meet. Feel free to be creative, just make sure that your work is appropriate for general public viewing.

Focus on making, not selling
Art Attack is about making artwork in public and sharing that process to promote yourself and your local creative community. While we encourage participants to hand out business cards and other promotional materials, you shouldn't treat your work space as a vendor booth. If you do plan on selling any artwork during the event, make sure you comply with all local regulations regarding business and vendor licensing.


Ponshop Studio & Gallery Fredericksburg Arts Commission

Past Partners

Whurk Magazine Tom Tom Founders Festival LibertyTown Arts Fredericksburg Center For The Creative Arts


Founded by Bill Harris and Gabriel Pons in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Art Attack was originally conceived as a way to build solidarity among practicing artists. They recognized that whether you're just starting out or a seasoned veteran, it's always better to be connected to a broader community of creative minds. By occupying public space in an inclusive and constructive manner, Art Attack benefits not only the participants, but also the community at large.

Ever since the original event in 2012, Art Attack has been hosted each September on the historic streets of downtown Fredericksburg. Over the years, other cities have also embraced the concept, adapting it to their local conditions and needs as necessary. Art Attack is flexible in structure and easy to host with minimal grassroots effort. By incorporating "audience participation" activities, it can also be a great event for youth outreach programs and educational institutions.

Art Attack Project